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Next full moon day Special meditation practices on October 05,06-2017 [Thusday & Friday]
. & Every Month 2nd Saturday & Sunday  Same Meditaion.



                    The greatest Philosophical Saint of our century -THE THATHUVA GNANI- ARUL THANTHAI VETHATHIRI MAHARISHI’s philosophy, the VETHATHIRIUM is all about,

                               EXERCISES     for a perfect healthy  body

                               KAYA KALPA   for the purification of the Genetic Centre and for harmonious

                                                             LIFE FORCE, BIO-MAGNETIC ENERGY

                                MEDITATION  for CONCENTRATION, AWAKENING, ENLIGHTENMENT and

                                                              DIVINE MERGE BRAHMA GNANAM 

                               INTROSPECTION  for the clarity of MIND

                                                     After more than two decades of deep meditation and analysis - practice and research - into the secrets of universe, MAHARISHI has developed the above SKY-The Simplified Kundalini Yoga. He founded the WCSC- World Community Service Centre at CHENNAI and The Vethathiri KayaKalpa and Kundalini Yoga Research centre at AZHIYARU near POLLACHI, called the TEMPLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, gifted with the Nature’s Tranquillity. Now he has global following with disciples in all cadres.

         Maharishi founded the VETHALOKA ANBU NILAYAM in the year 2005.The notion for this yet another Spiritual Centre is to provide care and shelter for the active disciples dedicated in spreading Maharishi’s philosophy throughout the world, at their later part of the life. It is situated in a serene and natural atmosphere on the POLLACHI-VALPARAI ROAD, between Pollachi and Aliyar Temple of Conciousness, just 12kms of Aliyar.

                  Senior Professor. A/N. Mariammal Mohandoss is the President and Co-ordinator of this organization. And the centre is blessed with devoted veterans as TRUSTEES, whose help and guidance has seen the development of newer buildings and future projects. It is growing into a full pledged dwelling spiritual centre, with insistence on spiritual advancement.

    Come and BE BLESSED WITH THE DIVINE BLISS, to be a part of this service to HUMANITY…..

Vazgha Valamudan
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